Expanded website for ISAB

  • 8 oktober, 2014
  • 12:21

Inhalation Sciences is launching an expanded website, reflecting the technological evolution of the PreciseInhale platform, and its rapidly growing role in Contract Research. “More targeted content for specific users, and more features content,” says ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall. “This new site shows the growing uptake and capabilities of PreciseInhale.”

During the last 18 months PreciseInhale has evolved and grown significantly, as has its role in Contract Research. As well as inhalation drug developers, many innovative public, toxicology and environmental research institutes have now embraced PreciseInhale as their inhalation R&D technology of choice.

ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “Many inhalation scientists now recognize that the quality of our data and the range of our capabilities are just not possible with many conventional aerosolization technologies. PreciseInhale really does represent a paradigm shift. The new site outlines specific benefits and features that would be useful to our most regular target groups.”

New capabilities
PreciseInhale has continued evolving and growing technologically since the original site was launched. The updated site offers content on many of the new capabilities and features of the evolved platform. Uniquely, for example, PreciseInhale’s dispensing unit can now connect to Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs), generating highly relevant comparative data from marketed products.

“Our platform continuously evolves with the challenges of the cutting-edge clients we work with,” says Sjövall. “The new site reflects this. There is new content around many of the key developments and benefits PreciseInhale has made over the last five years.”

Register for ISAB’s newsletter
With a regularly updated NEWS section on the landing page, the site now also offers readers the chance to register for ISAB’s regular newsletters.

“We’ve had significant, and rapid growth in innovative, wide-ranging Contract Research, as well as major purchases,” says Sjövall. “The site offers our users the chance to keep up to date regularly. A lot is happening with us. As natural collaborators and innovators, we want to share this and keep that collaboration going.”