Hovione, ISAB, IVIVC: Collaborating on correlation

  • 2 december, 2015
  • 10:37

An ambitious, four-year research collaboration on in vitro dissolution, carried out by Hovione, ISAB, and the University of Lisbon’s Faculdade de Farmácia, will significantly deepen understanding of the strategic IVIVC  capabilities of ISABs in vitro module DissolvIt. It could potentially transform industry thinking on IVIVC data and the vital role it can play in reducing clinical failure when developing inhaled drugs.

Starting in October 2015 a Portuguese Doctoral student will be carrying out an intensive four year research program on the detailed characteristics of in vitro dissolution in the lungs. Merging the expertise of all three organizations, the program culminates with sophisticated PK modelling of tailored APIs and formulations, correlating in vitro results from ISAB’s dissolution module DissolvIt with ex vivo and in vivo data.

Hovione has a long and impressive track record in the field of inhalation, from particle engineering, to formulation, capsule filling and in vitro testing. As well as funding the ambitious project, Hovione will provide a range of dry powder formulations, model APIs and particle engineering and formulation platforms. ISAB contributes its expertise in aerosol generation and dry powder dissolution through its PreciseInhale system and DissolvIt module. The program’s academic partner, Faculdade de Farmácia, will host the in vivo experiments, held by ISAB’s in vivo specialists. Throughout the program the visiting PhD student will work in both ISAB’s labs in Stockholm and at Hovione’s site in Lisbon.

ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “For us this collaboration highlights the importance of our in vitro module, and its potential for changing how IVIVC is handled by the industry. Hovione is an important player within inhalation and we’re delighted to work with them. The Hovione team are always ready to stretch and challenge us, with productive discussions that show how deep and robust their commitment to innovation is. This is win-win. We hope to achieve results that permanently change the industry’s understanding of what’s possible with DissolvIt, the role it can play in achieving IVIVC and how it can reduce risk of clinical failure for all developers working no inhaled treatments.”

Collaboration drives results, knowledge and product development

The research will enable Hovione to build its strong presence in the field of advanced formulation assessment and performance. As well as expanding its service portfolio, the program will consolidate Hovione’s well-established relationship with prestigious academic institutions, and make its in vitro capabilities world-class.

For ISAB the program offers the chance to fine-tune and benchmark the ongoing commercialization of DissolvIt. ISAB intends to use the research as a valuable strategic opportunity to keep developing and optimizing DissolvIt, making it compatible with a range of particle engineering platforms, formulation platforms and testing it with a variety of challenging APIs all with different solubility.