ISAB Poster at DDL26: In-Vitro / Ex-vivo research with Karolinska Institutet

  • 2 december, 2015
  • 11:03

At DDL 26 (Drug Delivery to the Lungs) in Edinburgh, December 9-11, ISAB will present a poster on In Vitro-Ex Vivo research carried out with Karolinska Institutet: In Vitro – Ex Vivo Correlation of Fluticasone Propionate Pharmacokinetic Profiles. Join us at DDL26.

As well as presenting the poster ISAB are, for the first time, Gold Sponsors of the event. Fredrik Sjövall, ISAB CEO: “For us, DDL is crucial, it is a vital talking shop to meet partners and show the industry the great strides we are making. This years is going to be a great event. As well as presenting a fascinating poster on the results we achieved with our DissolvIt and IPL (Isolated Perfused Lung) modules we are also taking the whole PreciseInhale system for visitors to explore.”

IVIVC to a whole new level

Sjövall says ISAB will focus on promoting its impressive record on In Vitro In Vivo Correlation at the conference. “We want to talk to inhaled drug developers about how close our technology can get them to clinical data in the early stages,” he says. “IVIVC technology can reduce the risk of clinical failure later on, reduce the number of human trials needed and cut their time to market. We can offer them a new understanding of critical PK properties at the early stage of development.”

To book a time at DDL 26 to talk with ISAB’s CEO, Dr Per Gerde, or ISAB’s CEO, Fredirk Sjövall, please contact:

CEO Fredrik Sjövall at Or call: +46 (0)70 64 508 75

Chief Science Officer Dr Per Gerde Or call: +46 (0)72 21 984 49