ISAB recruits new staff as sales and Contract Research grow

  • 8 oktober, 2014
  • 12:28

ISAB has recruited a product specialist and ex vivo and in vivo studies specialist. “The new appointments reflect our rapid growth in Contract Research and new PreciseInhale sales,” says ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall.

Inhalation Sciences AB is growing. The company has taken on two new full-time staff members at its labs in Stockholm, Sweden following a rapid increase in Contract Research, and an increased interest in its dry powder inhalation R&D platform PreciseInhale.

Product specialist
Mikael Mikko (Fil.Dr) started work with ISAB in September 2014. Mikko is an immunologist with a strong commitment to technology and entrepreneurship. His doctorate in Pulmonary Research focused on the immune response and the role of T-cells in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Before joining ISAB, Mikko was European Technical and Support Specialist for five years at BD Biosciences.

“Mikael brings a deep understanding of, and commitment to, innovation,” says CEO Fredrik Sjövall. “He understands the benefits a technology as innovative as ours delivers to clients, and is well able to communicate them. His experience as a technical support specialist makes him well used to working hands-on with clients, getting to the heart of their goals and issues and offering resourceful solutions. He is an excellent communicator and a great addition to the ISAB team.”

Ex vivo and in vivo research scientist
With extensive lab experience at, amongst others, Astra Zeneca, Iwona Rådberg consolidates ISAB’s Contract Research lab team in Stockholm, Sweden. A qualified veterinary doctor in her native Poland, Rådberg has carried out lab testing for pharmaceutical and research companies.

“More and more inhalation drug development and research companies are realizing how valuable our data and capabilities are, and how they can accelerate research and development timelines,” says CEO Fredrik Sjövall. “Iwona’s background and solid lab experience from Astra Zeneca means she is resourceful, flexible and understands the needs of our clients.”

ISAB has Contract Research with a wide range of clients including novel inhalation drug developers, generic inhalation drug developers, toxicologists and environmental researchers and universities and research institutes.

“We are world leaders when it comes to precision exposures of respirable size aerosols,” says Sjövall. “Our team combines decades of aerosolization and inhalation research experience. Mikael’s and Iwona’s skills will make us even more resourceful, flexible and swift as we expand our sales and Contract Research.”