ISAB seeking new laboratory engineer in analytical chemistry

  • 10 november, 2014
  • 16:38

If you are an experienced Analytical Chemist who thrives on challenging research work and embraces highly innovative technology, this could be the position for you.

Employer: Inhalation Sciences AB
Location: Flemingsberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Deadline for applications: 23 November
For further information: CEO Fredrik Sjövall. Mob: 0706450875. Email:
Send applications to:


As an Analytical Chemist at Inhalation Sciences, you will be responsible for that part of the lab’s operations that covers characterizing substances, compounds and test materials which are then passed on for in vitro or in vivo experiments.

A central part of your lab work will involve using Inhalation Sciences’ unique technology platform for generating aerosols. Your work will also include carrying out chemical analyses using a spectrophotometer and HPLC among other technologies.

Inhalation Sciences carries out intensive, ongoing Contract Research for a range of pharmaceutical companies. This means that the pace of work can be intense. Every research project we carry out is unique in some way – resourcefulness and the ability to problem-solve under pressure are essential aspects of the work.

Although the key responsibility is carrying out lab work, for the right person there are great opportunities to play a pivotal role in the future development of the company’s products and processes.

Qualifications and personal qualities
You thrive on working in the laboratory. You have an excellent knowledge of chemistry and chemical analysis. Inhalation Sciences’ business revolves around the continuous development of our proprietary and unique products: A passion for new technology is essential.

You have solid experience of working practically with analytical chemistry. Your background is preferably in smaller enterprises, or academia – where taking personal responsibility and problem-solving was an integral part of your work.

You are comfortable with taking responsibility for a project, but are also a team player, with a strong sense of service towards your colleagues: All our projects demand a high degree of cooperation, coordination and give-and-take. We are always searching for people who value direct, open dialogue and teamwork.

About Inhalation Sciences
Inhalation Sciences has developed a unique platform for controlled aerosol exposures. Our customers primarily consist of pharmaceutical companies. Our unique, patented system for precision dosing, PreciseInhaleTM, enables the administration of inhalable aerosols of exceptionally high quality. The Company’s business model includes both selling PreciseInhale™ and carrying out extensive Contract Research services.

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