ISAB technology ubiquity at DDL27

  • 14 december, 2016
  • 14:30

ISAB technology was profiled in two King’s College London posters and cited by a Pat Burnell New Innovation Award nominee at DDL27. “It reflects our growing influence as leaders in both dry powder aerosol generation and in vivo simulation,” says ISAB Product and Sales Manager Mikael Mikko.


ISAB Product Manager Mikael Mikko welcomes the crowds to ISAB’s stand at DDL27.

King’s College London presented two posters this year at DDL27—and both highlighted ISAB technology. One put the spotlight on PreciseInhale, ISAB’s dry powder aerosol generator, and its ability to test rodents gently and effectively. It was presented by King’s College London’s Anne Lexmond (1). It included detailed diagrams of PreciseInhale, and ISAB’s docking table, developed to make testing smoother and more efficient for subjects.

Meanwhile ISAB’s in vitro dissolution tool DissolvIt was profiled by King’s College London researcher Mireille Hassoun (2).  She detailed tests that used Fluticasone propionate (FP) in the form of Flixotide—a commercialized pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler (pMDI). PreciseInhale is one of the very few R&D aerosol generators in the world that can run advanced tests from commercial inhalers. The poster included illustrations of the system’s unique pMDI input.

On the shortlist for this year’s prestigious Pat Burnell New mireille-and-mariaInvestigator Award was Ville Vartiainen, from the University of Helsinki. During Q&A’s around his abstract  (3) he was asked how he could expose even tiny, delicate rodents like mice gently and effectively—a question on many minds at this year’s event. His answer? “I’ve been talking to the guys at Inhalation Sciences”…


(1) ’Comparison of bronchoconstrictor responses to AMP and adenosine in sensitized guinea pigs using the PreciseInhale® system for generation and administration of dry powder aerosols’

(2) ‘The effect of using bio-relevant media in the DissolvIt®system to measure dissolution of fluticasone propionate from Flixotide 50 µg Evohaler’

(3) ‘Development of inhalable drug formulations for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis