ISAB at SOT: Poster and hosted session on 3D Cell Culturing system

  • 7 mars, 2016
  • 20:05

ISAB’s exhibitor hosted session ’XposeALI: Setting a New Standard for ALI Cell Exposures’, with CSO Per Gerde,  is at the Society Of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Monday 14 March. PreciseInhale, ISAB’s precision dosing dry powder system, is on display at Stand 1657 throughout the event: March 13–17.

At this year’s SOT two events will highlight ISAB’s 3D Cell culturing system XposeALI. An exhibitor hosted session on Monday 14 March in Room 211 (1200 – 1300) will demonstrate XposeALI’s work on the inflammatory and toxic effects of cells exposed to airborne particles, and its possibilities when studying nanoparticles. Karolinska Institutet Assoc. Prof Lena Palmberg will share how her team has successfully used XposeALI in its work on nanoparticles in air pollution.

On Tuesday 15 March, 1300-1500 Lena Palmberg hosts a poster session on advanced 3D-models developed with human primary bronchial epithelial cells (PBEC) for exposure to nanoparticles: ’3D Cell and Organ-on-a-Chip Models’.

XposeALI allows for the exposure of lung cells using respirable size aerosols via the PreciseInhale system. This combination of aerosol capability and 3D-models with primary bronchial epithelial cells cultured in an Air Liquid Interface (ALI) makes the system exceptionally precise, providing close mimicking of the in vivo situation.

“Culturing the 3D-models in ALI mimics the uptake of substances into the lung more exactly than conventional cell culturing,” says Lena Palmberg. “This system airlifts the cells to get air exposures.”

PreciseInhale 14-17 March

PreciseInhale, ISAB’s patented aerosol generation R&D platform, is on display throughout the event at Stand 1657. Recently purchased by King’s College London. Karolinska Institutet and Swedish environmental research agency SWETOX, the dry powder testing system delivers high-resolution lung absorption and retention data with exceptionally low standard deviation (typically <10W%).

ISAB in the US

ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall, and CSO Per Gerde are touring research institutes and companies with the system for ten days around the event, introducing its unique benefits to American opinion leaders.

“With shorter development time such a crucial factor in the US,” says Sjövall. “We believe PreciseInhale offers a crucial competitive advantage to US pharma developers. Competitive around substance consumption, standard deviation and reduced development time we look forward to walking US opinion leaders and potential partners through the system step-by-step.”

To contact CEO Fredrik Sjövall:

+46 70 645 08 75