Major European Research Group purchases PreciseInhale

  • 23 mars, 2017
  • 16:07

Inhalations Sciences AB (ISAB) has signed a purchase order for its dry powder aerosol system PreciseInhale, with one of Europe’s leading inhalation Research Groups. Fredrik Sjövall, ISAB CEO: “This takes us another step closer to realizing our vision—of PreciseInhale becoming the standard R&D tool for inhalation research worldwide.”

The Group has purchased PreciseInhale for use in its toxicology and experimental medicine unit. Previous purchasers include King’s College London, Karolinska Institute and Dow Chemical Group. All recognize PreciseInhale as a major innovation in lung and pulmonary research.

Fredrik Sjövall: “Whether toxicological and environmental research or pharma, we’re seeing growing awareness across the inhaled sciences R&D community that the old methods of ‘tower testing’, inhaling liquid sprays and using dozens of test animals to compensate for poor dosing precision is not acceptable. Especially in the early R&D phases when materials are scarce and costly. We’re facing challenging nanoparticle research, and learning more every year about just how effectively the lungs can deliver treatments. A new precision, control and accuracy is demanded, and dry powder aerosols can deliver it.”