PreciseInhale at NOSA-FAAR Aerosol Symposium, 12-13 March, Finland

  • 9 mars, 2015
  • 10:12

See the paradigm-shifting dry powder aerosolization system PreciseInhale in Kuopio, Finland: “With our extensive network in both environmental research and the Nordic region, for us NOSA-FAAR is a close fit and a natural meeting place,” says ISAB Product Specialist Dr. Mikael Mikko.

“The cost savings PreciseInhale delivers on scarce test substances can really help environmental researchers,” says ISAB Product Specialist Dr. Mikael Mikko. “In Kuopio I’ll show how we produce realistic aerosol exposures from even minute amounts – milligrams, not grams – of scarce, challenging test materials.”

Book a one-to-one and find out what PreciseInhale can do for you
PreciseInhale will be on display for all at the Symposium at the University of Eastern Finland, 12-13 March. If you’d like to book a one-to-one talk-through of PreciseInhale you can book a dedicated time with Dr Mikko through

Extensive environmental research network
ISAB has a strong network within environmental respiratory research. It collaborates with Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and Kings College London. As part of the European NANoREG research project, for example, a team at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet used a PreciseInhale system to carry out in vitro Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) cell exposures of 3D cell models in 2014.

Spray Drying Micronization system
LaminarPace, ISAB’s spray drying micronization system, is regularly used by environmental agency research institutions working on noxious environments. It separates particles to see how they are noxious in the environment and exactly how they behave in the lungs.

Excellent data from tiny amounts of materials
Scarcity of material and a need for respirable aerosol is an acute problem in the study of toxic airborne particles. Study materials can be collected from the environment or manufactured in a lab, but they are nearly always highly expensive. Even with industrial granular materials the minuscule fraction that is actually respirable needs to be collected, and that costs money.

“PreciseInhale can produce realistic aerosol exposures from minute amounts of collected study materials,” says Dr Mikko. “With our extensive research network in the Nordics, at Kuopio I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share with younger researchers and experienced professors – whether they’re working on aerosol-based nano-technologies or aerosol cloud climate interactions.”

“It is always pleasure for us to highlight our extensive work in toxicological environmental research,” says ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall. “We look forward to meeting colleagues in Finland.”

What environmental researchers have said

“The system was compact and quick to install, we achieved very even deposition patterns that we were very happy with.” Dr Hanna Karlsson, Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet

“The system’s unique features save valuable time and money in research. With the in vitro model you save a lot of animals, get great precision and you can run it from aerosol exposures. The benefits are important.” Dr Lena Palmberg Associate Professor in Lung and Respiratory Research, Karolinska Institutet