PreciseInhale live at DDL

  • 5 december, 2013
  • 15:55

For the first time PreciseInhale, Inhalation Sciences’ patented precision dosing system, will be on display at the Drug Delivery to the Lung Conference, Edinburgh 11-13 December. Inventor and company founder Dr. Per Gerde: “We invite all inhalation professionals to come and explore the unique benefits.”

“Come and see how PreciseInhale delivers low standard deviation results using just milligrams not grams of test substance at this year’s DDL,” says PreciseInhale inventor and company founder Dr. Per Gerde.

Inhalation Sciences’ CEO Fredrik Sjövall is expecting many visitors: “Interest in the system is high. We are currently rolling out our first major sales of the entire PreciseInhale platform, and the system recently received its US patent. We are expecting a lot of visitors.”

Range of exposure modules on display

PreciseInhale is known as a precision dosing system that delivers high-quality, low standard deviation data using just milligrams not grams of test substance.

But another key and unique benefit of the system is its versatility. For example, PreciseInhale is the only system on the market that allows for intratracheal or nose-only exposures, both delivered individually with precision dosing.

At DDL a range of exposure modules for PreciseInhale will be on display including its intratracheal inhalation in vivo module and its nose-only inhalation in vivo module.

“At DDL visitors will be able to see and explore a variety of modules. Unlike other solutions, the PreciseInhale platform separates the process of aerosolization into two steps, with two units – the aerosol generator and the dispensing unit – integrated into the one platform. The dispensing unit can deliver identical aerosols to a range of exposure modules, a versatility few platforms have.” says Dr. Per Gerde.

A mature system ready to go

“When I first saw the system my immediate impression was how mature it was,” says Fredrik Sjövall. “You could see that it had been in successful development for 10 years with big pharma players like Astra Zeneca and GSK, and I think DDL visitors will be struck by the same thing: This is a versatile, mature system ready to roll out and get working today.”