PreciseInhale platform a ‘game changer’ at DDL

  • 24 januari, 2014
  • 16:04

It is a complete inhalation laboratory – on your benchtop: For the first time PreciseInhale, the multi-module platform for inhalation drug research, appeared at this year’s DDL (Drug Delivery to the Lungs) conference in Edinburgh. Together with DissolvIt, its popular in vitro module, it attracted big interest, leading to pilot studies and further training. Business Development Manager Göran Conradson was there.

In vitro, cell exposures, isolated perfused lung,  in vivo, nose-only, intratracheal – dry powder or inhaler: No other inhalation research system on the market has the multi-module versatility of Inhalation Sciences’ PreciseInhale platform. For the first time it was exhibited at DDL (Drug Delivery to the Lungs) conference in Edinburgh, December 12 – 14, 2013.
Inhalation Sciences’ Business Development Manager Göran Conradson says it was the versatility and range of modalities for the price that impressed visitors most:
“I have been to many medical trade fairs before – but few with such clear excitement around a new system. One visitor called it a game changer,” he says “because it gives inhalation developers so many research options. Visitors saw immediately that the multi-modality is unique. This is way more than just another dust gun. It lets drug developers and researchers perform early-stage inhalation research any way they want – on their own benchtop.”

Follow-up seminars
Interest in PreciseInhale was high, with many visitors exploring the platform then returning with their own clients.  “One visitor, a senior VP for a succesul research company with a big franchise within Inhalation, visited, saw the system – and then returned later bringing his clients with him,” says Conradson. “A prestigious Italian company did the same, returning after a first visit to demonstrate the platform to their partners.”
As a result, Inhalation Sciences is holding a series of seminars and workshops through Spring 2014 in locations ranging from Lisbon to Munich to Stockholm.  Additionally, a major big pharma player is now discussing Pilot studies and how best to access the technology.

DissolvIt in the spotlight
Inhalation Sciences’ in vitro module DissolvIt also attracted strong attention at DDL. A key module of PreciseInhale, DissolvIt allows users to increase their control, reduce their costs and rank substances during inhalation drug development.
 “Whether accessed as contracted research or a module of the procured system, DissolvIt is an excellent first step into our platform. It is a high-quality system that allows companies to rank substances simply and effectively.”
Inhalation Sciences’ pioneer and founder Dr Per Gerde, and the DissolvIt module, were mentioned twice at the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysts’ Group (JPAG) pre-conference symposium that opened the event:
“Dr Gerde and the DissolvIt technology were mentioned by the first two speakers at the pre-conference. This reflects the world-class reputation for excellence and innovation in inhalation that Dr Gerde has built. He has been developing this technology his entire professional life, and he has changed the game. We can see from the amount of training and workshops companies are asking us to do that this is the year for Inhalation Sciences. People are really starting to realize that this is the next-generation aerosol research technology. It’s a game changer and in 2014 it’s set to really grow.”