Ziccum wins big pharma interest at World Vaccine Congress, Barcelona

  • 17 oktober, 2017
  • 15:49

Spun out from ISAB in September 2017, Ziccum’s drug formulation technology air-dries drugs and vaccines into potent dry powders. It earned the interest of pharma developers looking to move beyond liquid vaccines, during the World Vaccine Congress, Barcelona October 10-12.

They’re fragile, delicate and difficult to transport—yet 80% of the world’s vaccines are still liquid solutions. As well as requiring costly global cold storage, they present challenges to drug developers too. Ziccum technology interested several pharma companies innovating in vaccines in Barcelona.

Ziccum AB CEO Göran Conradson: “Big pharma vaccine developers are well aware of the drawbacks of liquids and the advantages of dry powders,” he says. “Furthermore, there’s a lot of innovation in transdermal administration, via dry patches, for example, that’s come a long way. Because our technology dries substances at room temperature, so the active ingredient stays active, global big pharma companies developing vaccine treatments to be administered worldwide were interested in the logistics, storage and development benefits.”

New Ziccum AB website

Ziccum AB’s standalone activities are gaining pace. This month Ziccum launched a new website – http://ziccum.com/ – and is carrying out a series of strategic meetings throughout autumn 2017 with developers and logistics companies. “Pharma companies see a strong, immediate benefit,” says Conradson.”